This is Martin Bright's mathematical home page.

I am an associate professor (universitair hoofddocent) at the Mathematisch Instituut at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. I work in the area of Diophantine equations and arithmetic geometry, specifically on the Brauer–Manin obstruction and related questions about rational points on varieties.

Together with Valentijn Karemaker, Ronald van Luijk, Steffen Müller, Marta Pieropan and Cecília Salgado, I am part of the Rational Points consortium supported by an XL grant from the NWO.


In 2023–24 I am teaching Lineaire Algebra 1 and the Mastermath course Advanced Algebraic Geometry: Rational Points (with Ronald van Luijk).

Lecture notes: Descent by 2-isogeny (following Cassels). (Corrections welcome!)


Here is a list of my publications and preprints, together with slides from some talks.

Notes from the Autumn School in Mainz, October 2017 are available here.

Look me up on Google Scholar or MathSciNet.


A draft version of some chapters from the book Geometry and Arithmetic of Surfaces, which I am writing together with Ronald van Luijk and Damiano Testa, is available here.

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My PhD research (2002) involved doing some computations on diagonal quartic surfaces. Here are some bits of code and results.

Martin Bright
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