This option lets you choose from a selection of predefined styles. These are as follows:

The method is printed in a similar way to those in the Ringing World diary. Specifically, lines are drawn for each hunt bell and for one working bell. Place bells are shown for the working bell. Place notation is given for the first lead. All the numbers are shown, except when they are underneath a line in between lead heads.
Only the line for one working bell is shown, with place bells. It is shown where this bell passes the hunt bell(s).
Only one lead of the method is printed, with lines drawn for all bells: hunt bells in red and working bells in blue. The lead head and lead end rows are printed, but no other rows. Place notation is shown.

If you want to use a variation of one of these basic styles, select that style here and make changes to it below. When one of the sections of the form below is open, you will not be able to change the Quick Style.